Creating Music Part 3 by Alex Blur

Have your music

It takes longer to create music and buy music. On average it took about 2 hours per beat to be created from scratch, this is with adding live instruments and all that jazz. Later we purchased beats and just tweaked them. It saved us on time and also gave our artist a bit longer to work on their bars.

If you have to create your music, schedule a block of time for just that. Things will go a lot smoother and you have something to give your artist before next session. This is definitely a time saver.

Paper work

This has to be one of the most overlooked asset in creating music. Weather you are producing music or an artist on the track you need to be registered with BMI or Ascap. You can’t do both but these guys are responsible for paying our royalties for placements and spins. Going in, not to many people had this information and it ultimately held up the release.  BMI is completely free and takes about 3 days to get your information. Ascap, is a one time fee and have more perks in my opinion. Don’t start a project with out working on your split sheets first.

Know your costs

There are many factors in creating an album. Cost of beats, Work for hires, mixing, mastering, and studio time. No matter where we looked these were consistent gears that we kept encountering on this 8 month journey. When you know the cost, you have in mind what your spending, this can help you budget as well as keep true to your original concept.

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