Creating Music lesson 1 by Alex Blur

Get a concept

“ The music has to say something.” When told that, I went and began sketching storyboards  and thinking about how many weed songs were needed to tell this story. Keeping the time in mind, we laid everything out, we tweaked the concept and decided that with the topics we choose, the project needed to be 2 albums 1 indica the other sativa.

We could of saved 3 hours if the concept was strong before the sessions began. Going into it, I just wanted dope music you could smoke to. With a solid concept behind the music, we got the sound we were looking and the theme was solid.

Assemble the right team

As I have stated before, “Music is a world in its own right and the people who occupy it abide by her rules.” 8 Months ago, I hung with only illustrators, painters and other visual artists. Musicians are different. Hugo, head of DRS was accurate at hand picking people all over the city to help. There we were some who didn’t fit and there were some who did. Chemistry needs to be magic, you can tell it in the air and there is nothing better than multiple musicians vibing out.




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