Creating Music Part 2 by Alex blur

Assemble the right team

As I have stated before, “Music is a world in its own right and the people who occupy it abide by her rules.” 8 Months ago, I hung with only illustrators, painters and other visual artists. Musicians are different. Hugo, head of DRS was accurate at hand picking people all over the city to help. There we were some who didn’t fit and there were some who did. Chemistry needs to be magic, you can tell it in the air and there is nothing better than multiple musicians vibing out.

Advanced Scheduling

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Everyone does not prefer the same methods of communication so, whoever is the hub needs to communicate accordingly. Due to the musicians other engagements, make sure to give the artists plenty of time to schedule you in. If there are to many missed studio sessions, rescheduling can get costly.

Non Disclosure Agreements

the first few sessions were wide open. Some ideas and concepts that should of been under wraps until the finalization of the LP. There were tweets, snaps and Facebook statuses with live video and music streaming. Also there was an instance where a musician took one of our concepts and ran with it. Not cool. Make sure you cover yourselves when in the studio. Lock those intellectual properties down.

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